Getting ready for the radio show

We've cooked up a setlist for the upcoming live radio show with 7 new tracks and 3 tracks from the Stage Banter era. The idea is to do 2 or 3 small sets with 3 or 4 songs. Really looking forward to it!

We kick off with Brighter Day, a new song about the twilight zone between fact and fiction. Next up is The Woods, another new song, which is written from the perspective of people looking for a better life but who end up being pushed around. Lay Down The Guns is a golden oldie that unfortunately remains painfully relevant. Then another new track, Merchandise, well, if you heard that one before, true, it's heavily inspired by that other track from a very renown US band. Insomnia is also pretty new and shiny, it's about eeerrmmmm insomnia. Empty World is another Stage Banter original, a pretty late one though so it kind of flowed into our set. The Edge is new too. It's a song about the guitarist of The Cure, or no, Killing Joke, no that other amazing band from the 80's. The Sound? Meh, don't know anymore. But jokes aside, it's a song about living on the edge, but not in an adventurous way. The melody is heavily inspired by an awesome band of the 90's, if you know the band and track title you will get a stroopwaffel! Classic You is a brand new song about us, Classic You. Leave It Up To Us was just too big of a hit song to leave behind in oblivion. Forget about the question mark, for now we're keeping it in our set. Dumb Sway is the latest addition to our repertoire, topically it's in line with Brighter Days but then from a different perspective.

Besides playing some live sets we're also being interviewed and we sent in a shitload of requests so you can expect a lot of fun blended with great live music and personal favorites.

Wednesday, 22 June 2022, 13:04 Jeremy