Radio show and a cancelled show

Last Saturday Bert and Nick featured at BroodjeHans on Heemskerk FM where they chatted about the death of punk, grindcore side projects and the upcoming gig at Café Lokaal. You can listen to it here: Heemskerk FM - BroodjeHans - Tweede uur

Bert and Nick kick in at around 23 mins. After the show they were asked if they were interested in doing a radio show about alternative music, we're now contemplating on that possibility because radio is really a fun thing to do. To be continued!

And yes, the show at Toos has been canceled. Long story short, we had the bands booked, Rick from North Empire made a great poster and we just started promoting the gig when the venue confronted us with additional costs, we suddenly had to pay for a sound engineer. We figured out we had to sell about 50 tickets up front to pay the engineer and realized that this was not feasible so we postponed the show. Then North Empire gave the booker of Lokaal a call and he offered us to do the show there. We gladly accepted, also because the entrance will be free now and Lokaal is simply a great venue to play! Unfortunately Floodlines couldn't make it that date so we've asked Question Mark (from Zeewolde Nick, Zeewolde) to join instead.

So see you at Lokaal this Friday. Support your local scene!

Monday, 8 August 2022, 19:21 Jeremy